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             I am Samkit Shah, born on 3rd September, have a B.E. degree in I.T. Engineering from St. Francis Institute of Technology, Borivli. I was in K.C. College, Churchgate and have done my schooling from The Blossoms S.T.E.High School, Marine Lines. People normally know me as an allrounder (well most of them do...)

             I am a kind of person who likes attention and it feels awesome to have a complete site dedicated to me (trust me for this). It feels nice to have your own space and a site that talks only and only about you. Wish you could feel how I feel right now..

             Well since this site is dedicated to me {by me ;-)}, talking about me won’t be considered as boasting, right? I am confident, smart, witty, funny, patient and positive. I simply love challenges, and luckily believe that things may be difficult to achieve but not impossible. I am creative and innovative. I am never satisfied with the status quo. I am always open for CHANGE and to learn something new. I believe that imagination is powerful than knowledge (Thomas Edison first imagined electricity then created it). So people, start imagining!!

             I am of the view that everyone has potential because of which everybody deserves to be the best and ‘live happily ever after’ provided they move in the right direction; provided they have objectives and goals in life; and provided they do it the right way.

             I just love to talk, be it any topic, anywhere anytime. I would also like to confess I am a movie buff and in my free time just sleep and sleep and yeah I also sleep.

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